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Extended Care Alcohol and Drug Addiction Recovery

Leadership Team

Marsha Stone

Marsha-StoneMarsha Stone is the Chief Executive Officer for the Benchmark Recovery Center, directing and overseeing all programs—Men’sWomen’s, and Segue. She is an active member of the recovery community, providing help and hope through her own experience, as a seasoned speaker on local and national levels. Marsha is able to integrate her own battle with and triumph over addiction to helping others who are struggling with addictive disorders. Marsha holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in English and received her Juris Doctorate in 1999, with the distinction of Academic Excellence. Her background in business and law, combined with her dedication to providing the most effective and quality rehabilitative process possible, positions her to provide the leadership necessary for the advancement of Benchmark as the premier recovery center in the industry.

Greg Fabry

Greg-FabryGreg Fabry is the Executive Director for the men’s program at Benchmark Recovery Center. In this role, he mentors clients, leads groups, and oversees the daily operations of the men’s program. Greg began his career at Benchmark in 2010 as a Recovery Manager and has been a dedicated member of the Benchmark staff. He has extensive experience guiding both residents and their families towards recovery. Greg holds a Bachelor of Business Administration degree in Management from Texas State University, and is licensed as an LCDCi in the State of Texas. Greg is an active member of the recovery community. His personal experience with and passion for the Twelve Steps contributes to the recovery culture found at BRC. His personal interests include playing basketball and cycling

Tracie Kitchen

Tracie-KitchenTracie Kitchen is the Executive Director for the women’s program at Benchmark Recovery Center, mentoring clients, leading groups, and overseeing the daily operations of the women’s program. Tracie began her career at Benchmark in 2009 as a Resident Care Associate and quickly advanced to a supervisory role due to her dedication and enthusiasm. Through Tracie’s personal experience, she is able to help others on their journey from addiction to recovery. Tracie is committed to her own professional, mental, physical, spiritual, and emotional development.

Patrick McNamee

Patrick-McNameePatrick McNamee is the Director of Admissions for Benchmark Recovery Center, interfacing with Benchmark staff and families from across the country. His expertise in customer service and knowledge of recovery creates a smooth transition from their communities to our recovery center. Patrick has worked in the chemical dependency field for six years. Prior to his current position, Patrick worked as a Resident Care Associate and Alumni Coordinator. Patrick holds a B.A. in history from Angelo State University and has worked as a secondary geography teacher. He is passionate about working with families and helping others recover. In his private life, Patrick enjoys traveling, cooking, gardening, and collecting antiques.

Brigette Jones

Bridgette-JonesBrigette Jones is the Director of Finance for Benchmark Recovery Center, working closely with the executive team to meet the financial needs of the organization. She has an extensive accounting background ranging from manufacturing and retail to non-profit organizations and service industries. She joined the BRC team in 2009 and leads the accounting and administrative team. She also works with the admission staff and families during the admission process for a smooth transition into our program. During her time off, she enjoys playing volleyball and spending time with her family and friends.