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Extended Care Alcohol and Drug Addiction Recovery

Men’s Rehab Program

According to recent studies, as well as our observation, gender-specific rehabilitation facilities for men and women are more effective than mixed gender programs. Men’s rehab programs as well as women’s rehabilitation programs have become more prevalent in recent years.

Benchmark Recovery Center can accommodate 36 men in their 90-day residential recovery program, located in Manor, TX, a small rural town east of Austin and 20 miles from Austin Bergstrom Airport.

Benchmark-recovery-mens-rehab-programLocated on 70 rolling acres, the Benchmark residential rehab program for men has a strong emphasis on the 12 Steps and life skills. Over the course of 90 days, male residents receive daily guidance, mentoring and supervision to help them understand their addiction and how to get their life back on track.

Upon completion of the residential phase, male residents can move into Benchmark-owned sober living for men, a small apartment complex in Central Austin. House managers reside on the property 24/7 to provide guidance, supervision and security. Even though many local alcohol and drug rehab programs for men encourage their residents to move into Austin sober living, few actually have company-owned recovery residences.

As part of the Benchmark continuum of care, the aftercare monitoring program, Segue, provides 12 months of structured support with a Certified Recovery Coach, who works one-one-one with the male resident as well as with his family, significant friends, and 12 Step sponsor. Throughout the Segue monitoring program, male residents continue to recover and learn how to transition back into society.

“‘One-size-fits-all’ approaches do not always work, and we must continue to support research leading us to more tailored and more effective treatments that recognize gender implications.” – National Institute on Drug Abuse